Monday, April 9, 2007

Week 2

Happy Easter, team Guatemala! The end of our second week in Fiji already
- time flies when you're having fun.. It's been a busy week for the
team, as we were involved in running both Easter services and also
organized fun fair and sports day on Monday.

Highlights of the

(1) We spent two days this week going to door-to-door in
the neigbourhoods around the Emmanual Worship Centre to tell people
about the two Easter services. Most people were very friendly (their
dogs less so!) and we were often invited us in for a drink and a chat -
and there were many opportunities to share our testimonies and pray with
people. One indian woman that we spoke to had never heard the gospel
message before and never met a westerner. We were also able to pray for
individuals who were struggling in their marriage and/or financially.

Around ten of the people we visited came to church on Good Friday or
Easter Sunday - not as many as said they would(!), but still really
encouraging. This included a young Indian widow with 3 children who gave
her life to the Lord and a young Fijian single mum that our families
have been befriending. Just seeing these people come to church was
really encouraging.

(3) Jim led and preached at a very powerful
Good Friday service at which we had another opportunity to pray for EWC
church members. A couple in our team and the Pastor prayed for a lady
who had a fish bone painfully lodged in her neck area, which was
dislodged as they prayed for her.

(4) Some of our team ran the
children's church on Sunday with about 70 children from EWC and their
sister church in Lautoka, including a puppet show, story-telling, and
bracelet-making. This was quite an achievement given that we had the
pastor preaching very loudly in the background. The worship is also very
passionate and loud and joyful, so we're really enjoying this. The
braver members of our team are even following the Fijian lead and
dancing wildly in the aisles!

(5) The team also organised a
street fair and sports day on Easter Monday for the children and young
people and their families, attended by around 100 people. It was a
really fun day, just seeing all those smiling Fijian children enjoying
themselves. Two of our team dressed up as clowns and persuaded the
pastor to do so. Some of the younger members of the YWAM team have been
learning how to play rugby - the big sport here, Fiji are world
champions at sevens - but we were well-beaten yesterday. More training
this week... We also performed two of our skits, one person shared their
testimony, and another preached the gospel according to rugby.
Apparently, there was a reporter from the Fiji times there, so we may
even be in the newspaper.

That's all for this week.

team Fiji 2007

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