Saturday, December 15, 2007


Greetings and Bula to all friends and family!

This concludes our fourth week of ministry in Fiji. On
Monday we will be leaving Lautoka, heading back to our humble abode in
Nadi. We hope to be spending a week working with the Shiloh
International Church doing children’s Vacation Bible School. We will
also be spending our Christmas holiday in Nadi.

As the Christmas season creeps upon all of society back
home, and as people are rushing to do their holiday planning, YWAM Chico
students are making their way through the homes and streets of Fiji
Islands, sharing with them the true meaning of Christmas… the love of
their Creator.

Over this past week we have continued to work with Pastor
Maikeli and the youth at his ministry house. We have stepped out in
street evangelism and moved forward in our home visitations to Fijians
and Indo-Fijians, sharing the different things God has done in our own
lives. People have been very open to hear about the Lord, as well as
open to receive Him into their lives.

A testimony from one of our DTS students:

“One morning during intercession, the Lord showed me a
picture of a lady dressed in lime green, with lots of jewelry on. I
felt like she had a lot of material things and I prayed for her to find
Jesus and not look to other things. Later on that day we were doing
house-to-house evangelism. We met a woman and as we shared with her, she
began showing me a small stack of pictures. One of the pictures of her
was the same as I had seen earlier during prayer. She was wearing the
green dress and had a lot of jewelry on. I thought it was cool how God
showed me that picture, and that I was able to pray for her in person.
It showed me that God was speaking to me and encouraged me to not
ignore the things He shows me.”

~AnaLisa Broderick

We also visited several cell groups in the area. We have not
only had the opportunities to share what God’s done in our lives, but
we have also been able to listen to the Fijian’s hearts and hear what
God has done in their own lives. What a blessing it has been to hear
testimonies from those we fellowship with!

Fiji is a highly relational culture.  Almost everywhere we
go, people have shared their lives with us through fellowship and their
hospitality through opening their homes, tea and bread. We were
encouraged about our ministry here when Ed shared the following
scripture with us from Acts 2:46-47:

“So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and
breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness
and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the
people.  And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being

It’s funny to think that while family members and friends at
home may be trudging through snow and rain, we have been walking the
streets in the hot sun, sitting on woven mats, having tea, breaking
bread, fellowshipping, and playing volleyball with our new friends in

We also drove about an hour away and spent the day in a town
called Ba. We visited some homes and then went to a prison down the
street. People were very responsive to the message and the testimonies
that were shared.  We also spent some time this week doing service
work, pulling weeds and raking. It reminds me of a quote, “Preach the
gospel always, and sometimes use words.” He has called us here to share
His love with people and has given us abundant opportunities to do so.
In our stepping out in faith, He is blessing people through us.

It has been a tremendous blessing to work with Pastor
Maikeli, the youth and YWAMers these last two weeks. It will be
difficult to part from their outstretched arms. We thought we were
coming here to reach out and bless people, yet it’s hard to believe we
could be any more of a blessing than they are to us. Each day we fall
more and more in love with the people and this beautiful land!

We hope that everyone back in the States and in Europe are
well and safe. We want to wish you all good holidays and a Merry
Christmas! Thank you again for all of your thoughts and your prayers.
Know that you are a part of what God is doing here, simply in those
prayers. God is faithful and He hears us when we call.

God bless!

Fall 2007 DTS and BLS

YWAM Chico

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