Friday, April 17, 2009

CDTS Outreach Kids Ministry

It has been another amazing week for our team. Last Sunday we did a kids program at a local church here in San Miguel Escabar. The kids were so much fun and very receptive to our attempts at the Spanish language and our songs. We are getting a little better as time goes. One thing we quickly notice is how we are able to spend time playing with them without any of the things that we have back home and how grateful they are to just have someone spending time with them....We could spend all day just kicking a can or taking pictures of them and then showing them. Below We wil comment on each picture so you have an idea what we are experiencing down here...I really think that it is us who are getting blessed and changed!

This picture is some of the kids from the kids program we did at the church last Sunday. We Sung songs, played games and did bible stories and skits. Then we took pictures and played football (soccer)

This is the orphanage that we have been painting. We did the yellow color. The guard with the shotgun works the gate...this is common to have guards at places such as this, all banks and Pepsi trucks. This is so they don't get robbed!

This was the sunrise service we did at the cross lookout in Antigua. We started at about 6am

This is Juan Louis. He is in the Malnutrition Center that we went to on Wednesday. You can see how small he is. This was an amazing place...they go out and do field outreaches to the community to see if kids are getting the food they need. When they find kids who are in trouble they take them back to the center and get them healthy. A social worker then works with the family on educating them as well as helping them with foods and water filtering.

Crossroads Team at the Malnutrition Center

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  1. OLA!Hey guys you make us here at the base proud,I really enjoyed the pictures and the sharing of what you ae doing all was done very well,quite a few of the staff here are gone to the YWAM confrence in Colorado,so there is a few of us holding down the fort,are prayers are with you keep up the good work God Bless-Tim