Monday, April 13, 2009

Greetings from the 2009 Crossroads Team.

Greetings from the 2009 Crossroads Team.

We are having an amazing time and God has given us many opportunities to share His love with many of the people in Guatemala. The week that we arrived here in Antigua it was Semana Santa (Holy Week). During Semana Santa the streets are adorned with magnificent floral carpets of pines, dyed sawdust and flower petals depicting vivid religious scenes. Local congregations, known as Cofradias, carry large wooden litters festooned with flowers and decorations, bearing the figures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. A lot of emphasis is put on the death of Jesus and not much on the resurrection. During this time we did a lot of street ministry and we asked the people of Antigua several questions and we've come to find out that many participate out of tradition rather than belief. They've always done this...this way. It was amazing to see all the floral carpets and see that the people are very spiritual...everyone is involved, even children.

Our week began with us working at a wheel chair ministry that supplies free wheel chairs for children all around the world. The next day we went to a retirement home, they call this, "The home of the cotton heads" this is a term of endearment and respect. From there we went out and handed out reflectors for people to put on their bikes. (See Pictures) This was amazing because so many are killed here on the roads, they are kind of dangerous. The reflectors gave us an opportunity to share the gospel and pray with the men on the bikes. We then spent a day painting an orphanage which we will do again this week. Thursday we led a English service at the coffee shop of YWAM in Antigua. Friday we had a day off and Saturday we did the kids ministry here at the base, (See pics). Sunday we did the Sunrise Service in Antigua and then we did a kids ministry at the church here in our village which is called Sam Miguel Escobar. The kids are so amazing here! I think that our whole team would agree that it is the children that have stolen our hearts! They are so grateful and it takes nothing for them to hang all over you.

We will try to update this blog at the minimum once a week and more as time allows.
Thank for your prayers. Dios te bendega!

The crossroads team!

Cofradias, carrying the large wooden litters,
bearing the figures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

Magnificent floral carpets on the street.

Easter Sunrise Service over looking Antigua.

Our team painting the "Seed of Love" orphanage

Greg putting reflectors on the bicycles

Matthew playing at our Kids Club

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  1. This is such a great CDTS outreach team... Thanks Greg for looking after our team blog. Great job!!!