Monday, May 25, 2009

Guatemala City Outreach

It was an amazing ten days in Guatemala City. We stayed busy with ministry the entire time we were there and we all felt blessed by the ministries that had been prepared for us to participate in. The leadership team at Guatemala City was top notch! We were very impressed with them. They truly blessed us and were fun to be with.

We've loaded 30 new pictures. There is a lot to show. Our hearts continue to be broken and God continues to blow us away. In the first five pictures you will see our team on a prayer walk and intercession for the city.

Captions then will be under each set of pictures....I'm not going to say a lot...we will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Greg, Bill and Efrian...I hope I spelled that correctly. We just call him "Little e"

Sarah, Little e, Greg, Ale and Beatrice.

This is "Hogar Luz de Maria" Orphanage. None of these kids names will be listed...because they don't have names...they were left in dumpsters, the garbage dump or left in churches. All the children here were under five. This place really broke our hearts, God's too!

This is as close as this little girl ever got to me. It was like she didn't want anything to do with people. As a matter a fact it felt this way with most of the kids here at this orphanage. The staff was amazing but you could feel the wounds of the children.

Here is the Dump that a lot of these kids came from....and the children and people that are still living there...we couldn't go in the dump and take pictures but as you will see the houses and people live on the dump.

This is a program that the Guatemala City YWAM Base does every week at the dump. What an amazing ministry. We were blessed to join them.

They go here to get a little food for the family. The kids go to get the food as you can see.

This is a retirement home that we visited. We played games with the people it was really fun.

Outreach to children in the park

Guatemala City Orphanage. We have seen a lot of children on this outreach that don't have parents or a home. Each time tears are brought to our eyes. This orphanage was impressive on how it was ran. Each house is set up with house parents and an assistant. They try to model the family as best they can. When we were upstairs in the girls dorm a few of the girls were dancing for us and my heart was broken becuse in the spirit I could feel them say..."am I pretty enough for you to take me home?" I just want to take all the kids home! I'm going to need a really big house!

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  1. Hi my family!!! I'm very thankful to our Mighty Father! He sharing His love with others through you... My love is always with you....

    I love you! M.J.