Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Log Date for CDTS Outreach stardate 6.1.2009

Out last week of Outreach and we finished strong and with the hearts of true servants; going in strength that wasn't our own. We all felt this last week and were running out of steam, but God showed himself strong in our weaknesses. It didn't feel like we had much of a break from Guatemala City to the last week here in Antigua, yet we decided that we wanted to end strong and that we did. It is good when you are tired...then God can show up and he sure did in this last week. We've added another 30 pictures to finish off the blog.

We had a full week starting on Tuesday with our third visit to the Good Samaritan Christian School. Intercession and then feeding the homeless. On Wednesday we worked at Hope Haven with Mark Richards and the crew, and we even played a little. We then did "Soul Patrol" for the evening. On Thursday we had morning worship and intercession, then we did a prayer walk and passed out fliers for an outreach we did on Saturday evening. Then it was time for the Thursday night English service and we have been trying some interesting things with the service. We spoke for about 25 minutes on hearing God's voice. We had set up table in the service so everyone was sitting at tables instead of looking at the backs of people's heads. After the teaching we opened up discussion at the tables with the questions: How do you hear God, How does He speak to you and what is He saying to you today. At the end we opened it up for some testimonies and it was amazing to hear how God had spoke to the people. Friday was our busy day with three scheduled ministries for the day. In the morning we went and spent four and a half hours at the Jackson House Malnutrition Center...This is one of all of ours favorite places. After lunch we went to a drug rehab and did worship, Betty did a testimony then we did a skit and Greg (this is I) did a testimony and then we prayed with the men....God really showed up there...this was very good, especially the prayer part. We ended the night with playing with kids an orphanage....This is pure religion...On Saturday we did Kids Club at 9am and did the movie outreach in the evening. Now it is time to rest and get ready for running with God in the next sphere of our lives. We are exited to see what He is going to have us join Him in doing. Tomorrow we go to the beach then we head back to Chico on Thursday. This is the last update from me...God has changed us all and we each look forward to sharing all God has done in our hearts with you as we return home.

Jackson House Malnutrition Center

Cheryl and Eddy

Melanie (A volunteer at the Jackson House) and Jose Luis.

Wendy.....she is so cute...she was new at the Jackson House

Greg and Antonio

Greg and Angel. Angel was a new kid in the Jackson House

The famous Jose Luis

Taking the goats for a walk

Cheryl and Eddy

Kathy and Ingrid

Beatrice and Glendy

Mark Richardson from Hope Haven

Cheryl and Bill in these wheelchair machines called PETS.

Bill and Kathy playing at Hope Haven

Greg playing at Hope Haven

Good Samaritan School

Soul Patrol in the Park in the Middle of Antigua

Cheryl and Maria

Good Samaritan School....This is the principle Magda

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