Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wow, what a busy week!

We did many house visits this week with
families that Pastor Paula set us up with. We go out in teams, usually
the Oosterhouses and the Munfradas are together, and the Derushas and
Bill go out together. We also either have Pastor Paula or Uate with us.
Some are believers and need encouragement or prayers for healing. Others
need prayers for salvation and discipleship. So far we have seen 8
salvations in our time here. One was little 4 yr old Nathaniel from our

Sunday and Monday are our weekend, and our time to go to
church, to get laundry done, and relax a little. We are free to do
additional ministry in our free time or do tourist activities. Tuesday
through Saturday are our days of ministry, these are the days that we do
the house visits and other things.

This week in addition to the
house visits, The Oosterhouses and Bill went to the YWAM bases at
Vunayasi to do their children's program that they do every Friday. They
dressed up as clowns and did songs, balloons and a Bible story.

on Friday the Derushas went and spent some time with a couple from EWC,
Mary and Tameli. Tameli is in the military and is leaving on Monday for
a year tour in Iraq. They spent some time with them in prayer and
encouraging them and they prepare for this time of separation.

Thursday and Saturday Chick and Dan went to Lautoka with Pastor Paula
to help build a church building for a church plant of his. It was
basically a pole barn frame with a big tarp for a roof. They will add to
it as they have the funds, but for now this will suit them very well.
Pastor Mike (different from the first Pastor Mike we talked to) is the
pastor of 15-20 people, both Fijians and Indos.

On Saturday we
were honored to be able to attend the first birthday party of an
Indo-Fijian child whose family goes to EWC. The first birthday in the
Indian culture is a very big deal so to be invited is an incredible
honor. Unfortunately some of the men at the party were celebrating out
back by drinking kava. Kava is a drink made by crushing a root found in
the jungle. It has a narcotic effect and causes intoxication. Drinking
kava is one of the strongholds that holds this nation captive.

Sunday Bill gave the message at church and the Munfradas and the
Oosterhouses helped with the Sunday school for the children that was
during the service. The Oosterhouses led the kids in a couple of songs,
and the Munfradas dressed up as clowns and taught the kids on self
control. Bill's message was two fold, the first little bit was on how
the people of Fiji have been ministering to us on the importance of not
worrying, and taking one day at a time sometimes one hour at a time. The
other half was on our class verse 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, and calling
the people to step up and become the ambassadors of reconciliation that
God has called us to be.

We are praising God because of the
variety of things He has opened us up to doing. We are all being
stretched physically, emotionally, comfortably, and spiritually. It's
amazing the many ways that the Fijian people have been ministering to
us. We continue to praise God for bringing us here and letting us be a
part of the works He is doing here.

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