Sunday, April 18, 2010

CDTS in a Nadi Hospital

Thank you for your prayers for 8 of us in Fiji. Having completed our first
week our team adjusted to food, water and heat yet they are on fire as we watched
the Kingdom of God come down in power several times this week. The most
memorable for me was in a dismal, hot feces-smelling room in the Nadi Hospital where
a Muslim family pleaded for prayer saw God remove chest and abdominal pain, and restore sight to eyes with cataracts. As we were about to leave one of the
brothers embraced Randy with tears running down his face saying. "You are my
brother", to Kathy "You are my sister", to Mark "You are my son", to Judy "You are my mother", and to Allen "You are my brother".

Needless to say we were amazed. Never before in Fiji have we seen such receptivity among the Muslims. Pray we can follow though with this
family who have invited us to their home.

We than you for your partnership with us!!

Jim and Judy

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