Tuesday, May 11, 2010

After 10 days in Dreketi...

bula, Greetings once again! This time we come to you from Lautoka. We made it here on Tuesday, May 11th after spending two days traveling. We came to here after spending ten days tenting in the village of Dreketi. We camped out on the lawn of the church we worked with (Holy Cross church) for the full ten days. Our entire team had a very blessed week in Dreketi, and we all came away feeling extremely blessed and transformed. We experienced a whole new way of living during our stay in Dreketi and God really spoke to our team through our ministries and through the people we were able to connect with.
We did some door-to-door ministry to get to know the surrounding families that lived near the church where we got to pray and of course have tea while getting to know them. Most of the families that live near the church are Hindu and so it was really neat to reach out to that community. Our team also ran a children’s program for three days, and the outcome was amazing. We had 40-50 children come each afternoon with smiles that filled their faces. We had a lot of fun singing, story-telling, playing games and doing crafts. The children really blessed our team and in return we were able to teach them about the love of Jesus. We were also in charge of both Sunday morning services, and on the last Sunday the church blessed us with a Fijian feast! It was amazing! It was a great week of getting to know people while being blessed and transformed!

Here are some of our experiences; (included are our new Fijian names)

Minsoo (Mesu) – I really loved the children. I would love to write all of their names, but I don’t want to make a mistake and miss one of them. Fijian and Indian children are my love. I also loved the awesome hospitality. I loved the beautiful stars in the night sky, being at George and Anna’s house on the dock, and going to the island on our day off.

Kayla (Keleni) – I think some of the most impacting times in Dreketi were doing the kids ministry. It was amazing to see our relationships with them grow from day to day! I also loved praying for the mother’s on Mother’s Day. We were so blessed to share that time with them. I already miss our dear friends in Dreketi.

Makayla (Maki) – Half way through the week we felt God calling us to have a 3 day “kids club” tons of kids came as well as some of their parents. God really gave me a heart for those kids. I was really blessed by that ministry. The kids were so wonderful and I loved being with them. I really felt God move in the kids and their families. I love them! I also felt a huge freedom through dance. I have never felt closer to God then now!

Emily (Emilini) – Dreketi really had a gigantic impact on me! I was blown away by the people’s hospitality and genuine love for us and for one another. It was a time of personal growth in the Lord and a new found appreciation for the simplicity of life and what it means to truly love others.

Jonathan (Jonacani) – While we were in Dreketi one thing I found the most impacting was the relationships that we built. We made a lot of good friends through the Holy Cross church and through ministry, they blessed me a ton as we ministered to them.

Mambo (Maikeli) - Dreketi was the best time so far. I really like the people there. One of them was John, who is a pastor from the church. Kid’s ministry was also really funny. I enjoyed the times we had. Door-to-door was my best experience so far, I really enjoyed talking with the Indian people.

Denis (Denisi) – Dreketi was a wonderful place! I really enjoyed visiting the chief’s house, doing door-to-door, and kid’s ministry was amazing! I loved playing soccer with the Indian guys and watching how they started asking questions and showed interest about knowing more, not just about soccer, but about God too. It was a big blessing and spending time with John and Nasa was great too! Dreketi has been my favorite place so far! =)

Shea (Selena) – Let me just start off by saying that I’m in love with Dreketi…’twas an amazing week. One thing that impacted me was talking to an Indo-Fijian about God and Christianity. He came up to me and had many questions. Normally I would have gotten overwhelmed because I wouldn’t know what to say- I’m not always the best at conveying what I mean! But I got to see the lecture side of DTS at work. Information that I had learned the last few months came to mind and I was able to share with this man about lots of things! It was really neat. Please pray for him as he continues searching!

Cheyenne (Saini) – I knew coming to Dreketi that it was going to be a very transforming week. When we first arrived I did not have the greatest attitude and I wondered how I would survive sleeping in a tent, on the ground for 10 days. However, God gave me a piece of His heart for Dreketi and I immediately fell in love with the village. It was in Dreketi where God really solidified who I have become since DTS. The people and the children were a huge blessing to me! I love Dreketi!

Cynthia (Senijiale) – This week I was really impacted by each of our team members. They have truly been putting into practice the things they have learned throughout lecture phase, letting go of the past and now walking in their true identities in Christ. Personally, I have treasured each of the new friendships than have been developed here in Fiji. Spending time in this wonderful culture with relationship based people, has changed me forever.

Jake (Sekope) – It was amazing for me to be back in Dreketi. I had last been there in 2002. I was able to see many people that I had met before who remembered all of the teams that had previously been there from YWAM Chico. When I was there last time our team had spent a lot of time encouraging Fijians to go into the mission field. And now there are Fijians from the village in Cambodia, S. Korea, Mongolia, China, and New Zealand. Mk. 16:15

Our entire team was inspired through our experience in Dreketi and the people who shared with us along the way. The people there have places in each of our hearts and they will be greatly missed. We continue to pray that God would shower down His love over that village and that the seeds we planted would continue to grow into God’s glorious Kingdom. Blessings, Chico DTS Team

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