Monday, May 17, 2010

CDTS Update- How God is using us in Labasa, Fiji

Transitioning to Vanua Levu, the second largest of 330 islands in
Fiji has brought new joys, new challenges
and new relationships. It has been a great joy to the team to live with sixteen
staff and students of the campus in a large home overlooking the mountains
and sea of Labasa, Fiji. Watching the passion and
brokenness of the students has greatly challenged and encouraged our
Crossroads DTS. These ywamers have learned the power of worshiping our great God,
the key to overcoming the spiritual forces of darkness where youth suicide and
sexual abuse is greatest of any place in Fiji.

has created a healthy climate inside and around us, to minister God's love among
the children here, in the prison, hospital, riding in the bus or taxi or
wherever we are.

MARK AND GREG use Beaky the puppet to bring laughter
and the gospel to the children of a squatters' area, a very poor community where
inexpensive housing is provided yet no guarantee of of permanent residency as
they could be asked to move tomorrow.  

Muslims, Hindus, and Christians; Indo-fijian, and Fijian reside in this needy area.

RANDY, our clown, instantly draws
crowds with his tricks, a perfect opening to teach children the truth of Jesus
and deception of Satan.

KATHY'S smile, warmth and compassion build
immediate relationships wherever she is.

ALLEN'S  humility and love for many fatherless young boys and men bring a father's image, hope and

JIEUN's insatiable hunger for
the Word of God bears much fruit as she gives words of comfort and encouragement
in the many homes we visit as a team.

JIM AND JUDY continue to  build
relationships with old and new friends and had great joy in teaching "Renewal of
the Mind" and "Spiritual Authority" to the Labasa DTS.


THANKS for your prayers!!!!  They
are greatly valued.  Please pray we finish strong in His strength.  Our return date
is May 25.


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  1. What an amazing team! Can't wait to hear ALL the stories.