Thursday, May 19, 2011

Makaela's Story


In a time of prayer before coming to Spain, I was told that God had a gift waiting for me here. Last night I was reflecting on this, and there is one unmistakable and unexpected occurrence that I'm sticking in the "gift" category. This took place in Jaen, in a Monday night church service. Nix had just gotten up to the front to teach after worship when she called the worship team back up. Now, one thing has to be said to paint this picture accurately: the worship team in Jaen is no ordinary worship team. That night it was comprised of three gypsies, a Spaniard, and the Salvadoran pastor. Each and every worship time we had to stop ourselves from whipping out our cameras and just recording the entire thing. But that night, God wanted to take things a step further. We had strongly felt that God was wanting the worship to break into making new songs, and Nix asked each of them to begin, one at a time, to play completely led by the Spirit. Soon the music began to swell and flow, and it was beautiful... and then, God took me a step further. Nix asked me to come up and begin singing in the Spirit along with the band. THIS WAS NEW. God is so faithful, and He had already been putting new songs into my heart throughout the worship earlier on, so it was just an awesome experience for me. Pushed me further, stretched my faith in how I could worship God, and was a beautiful time for us all. That's my highlight!

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