Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Best Experience on Outreach until Now

Status: Speechless
By: Nelita Saravia

Everything has been amazing, such a great blessing and so difficult to put it into words as well as narrowing it down to just one experience. I will do my best in giving you a glimpse of what my time has looked like here in Spain. 

Being able to see the blessing that we as a team have been to others' lives just by going to their homes, getting to know them and love them has definitely changed my perspective of how God works through me. With my presence I can bless others because it is the presence of the Lord that's in me. 

On of my best memories has been the opportunity to meet gypsies and get to embrace their culture. Our last Sunday in Jaen, a gypsies family invited us to a FAMILY lunch. It was awesome, not only because if the food but because family gatherings are so special to me. Everyone was there, from the great grandmother, cousins, brothers and sisters, aunts and nephews. It was amazing to be able to go into their homes spend and evening with them and bless their lives as well as ours.

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