Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen...

“Where are you from… How long are you here?” are often the first words exchanged by unsuspecting YWAMers when they first meet - before they realize what a treasure their friendship will grow to be.  “Come back soon!!!  Our doors are open...” are often the words that accompany inevitable goodbyes months or years later.  YWAM Chico shares this legacy of friendships that span generations, languages and callings.  What a privilege to serve together, developing deeper relationships than mere co-workers or fellow-volunteers.  We’re truly a family! 

As we joined with one heart last month (May) to pray for an increase in our staff, mission-builders & sowers… God was at work behind the scenes guiding some of our YWAM-family to move into a new season away from here.  Bud & Lyn Lang have served off and on at Richardson Springs since June 1977 (34 years ago -- before YWAM existed here!).  They have lived on this campus 5 separate times through the years, as well as serving on base while living elsewhere.  

I have asked around for some words that we will remember about them from their time with us…   this is what I heard:  to Bud, Lyn & Jesse… We will miss you…

Bud:  caring, KIND, faithful servant, conscientious, nice
Lyn: energetic, hard worker, CREATIVE, heart of gold, fireball, everywhere
Jesse: sweet spirit, bubbly personality, loving, FRIEND TO ALL

  "What you leave 

behind is not what

is engraved in

stone monuments,

but what is woven

into the lives,

of others."

 – Pericles

"24Seven* was a great experience. It was all about relationshipsGetting to know and be with teens was a great experience.  The staff was awesome, and of course, getting closer to the Lord.  It's all about relationships!" Jesse

*24Seven is a YWAM program we offer to high-school students during summer break

"My highlights...Working with such great people!  Growing in relationship with the staff was a wonderful experience!  I loved getting to grow with the members of the Base.  It has been a great experience!  I love you all!" - Lyn

"God has done so many wonderful things in my life.  I have grown in my relationship with the Lord!  Working with Tomme Nyberg and Suzanne Keitzer has been a great experience.  They both have been so very patient with me.  I believe we have all grown to love one another in the Lord!  The staff has always blessed me, and I loved working with the teens..   Thank you one and all!" - Bud

Want their story from 1977 to present?  
Here it is...

Lyn, Bud and four of their children first came to the Springs of Living Water in June of 1977.  They moved in on "Family Row" (where the Grigg family now lives).  Bud was the principal of Springs of Living Water Christian Academy and Lyn was in the Finance Department.  They were at the Springs for one year.  During that time Bud was asked to be the Outreach Manger of the Springs, as well as to continue as the principal of the Christian academy.  April 7, 1978 Bud was operated on for open heart surgery.  In June of 1978 he was asked to become the pastor of Cazadero Community Church and open a Christian Academy at Alliance Redwood Conference Center.  He and Lyn went to Cecil Cooper, the founder and Executive Director of the Springs, and prayed with him about the move.  Cecil gave his blessing.  

Three years later, they planned to go to the Philippines as missionaries.  Lyn's step-mother was suffering with cancer.  She went down to southern California to minister to her, and Bud was asked to return to the Springs to be the pastor of the Springs until the going to the Philippines.  Lyn's mom passed away, and they continued at the Springs until December 1983.  Bud again was asked to pastor a church in Chico, and to bring the Springs Academy into town.  He met with his elders and Cecil Cooper and they again prayed.  This opportunity was blessed by the elders and Cecil.  Bud & Lyn lived at the Lodge Apartment with three of their children, an adopted daughter and two of the siblings of their adopted daughter during their time at the Springs.

Bud was pastor/principal/coach for three years at the church/school.  In 1987 he & Lyn went to the Philippines.  In September of 1990 until March 1992 they joined YWAM Chico, attending CDTS and later Bud was Administrator of the Base/CDTS Co-Leader with Lyn.  Again, they lived at the Lodge Apartment.  They returned to YWAM Chico in 1999 and continued on until 2000.  Bud was Conference Director and Lyn was Head Housekeeper for the conference ministries.  This time, they lived on Hummingbird Hill and Patrick, Andrew and Jesse (three of their grandchildren) were with them.

In 2005 Bud attended the newly formed TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) school as a student.  He has continued to date as a teacher in the TESOL/ESL schools.  Their daughter, Dani, (Patrick and Jesse's mom) is a burn victim and Lyn is her caregiver.  Bud, Lyn and their granddaughter, Jesse, moved back to the Base in 2008.  Lyn began serving in Housekeeping and Food Services.  Jesse has been at ICS (International Christian School, on the YWAM campus) for the past three years.  She loves the teachers and kids!  

Bud & Lyn have been so blessed with YWAM Chico/Springs of Living Water.  The Springs and YWAM have been a big part of their lives.  They love every member of YWAM Chico.  They shared that their time at YWAM Chico/Springs of Living Water has blessed them in so many wonderful ways.  Only the Lord knows what is next in their lives.  They ask that you pray for them, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren - as the Lord leads!


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