Monday, June 6, 2011

Winter 2011 DTS Graduation

the winter 2011 DTS grads & their staff

We are proud to announce the graduation of our Winter 2011 DTS class!  On Saturday, June 4th we gathered with friends and family to celebrate the completion of the DTS lecture & outreach for Nelita, Mackenzie, Makaela and Paola.   Their passion for God and love for one another was contagious as they led worship, shared stories from their outreach, and generally smiled their way through the evening.

This is the first all-girl school here at YWAM Chico (at least in a very looong time!), and the smallest group of students in several years as well.  During their outreach, they came to be known as "las chicas de Chico" wherever they went, and they loved it.  Nixaliz, the school's outreach leader, has a specific vision to reach the gypsies in Spain with the redeeming love of Christ.  She shared that she'd been told Spain is a hard place to minister, and specifically that the gypsies are a closed culture. She did not expect to be able to establish relationship with them during this trip, thinking she and the "chicas" with her would be preparing the way for future opportunities.  But God opened doors not only to meet gypsies, but to be invited to their homes and to develop relationship with them and to worship together.  Nixaliz looked out across our faces and testified that Spain is open and hungry for the love of God and that the "field is ripe for the harvest."  

Mackenzie, Makaela, Nelita & Paola
At the DTS graduation, we were inspired as we heard about the many ways that God directed the team during outreach, not only to bring His love and presence to the people in Spain, but also to make Himself known to each of them in new ways.  Mackenzie shared about the relationships and the love of the people in Spain.  This showed her God's heart for relationship with us, and inspired her to love others and to look beyond where someone is from or what kind of social group they belong to... whether she expected to know them for a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days.  Makaela shared about the power of following God's lead and being ready "in season and out of season" - as their all-girls group found favor and open doors in ministry even in areas where women were not usually invited to minister.  She also shared about growing in her gift of leading worship, as well as the "gift" God gave her during outreach of spontaneous Spirit-led songs, and participating in the beautiful sound of intercultural worship.  Nelita & Paola also shared testimonies of God's love and faithfulness, stories of seeing His glory revealed, stories of His perfect timing to use them in reaching people who needed to be refreshed and encouraged, and stories of revelation of God's heart for each person individually.  Paola summed it up well: they grew in intimacy with God and in sharing His love with others.  Each of the girls shared a real and deep experience, and we could see the relevance of God's love and the reality of His presence in their lives.

As these four girls step into the next season of their lives, we are confident that God will continue to develop their gifts and passion so that many more lives will be touched with His love and awakened to their identity in Christ!  Way to go, "chicas"!

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  1. Gracias a Dios por lo que hizo con y en las chicas de Chico!!!!estamos muy asombrados y bendecidos de ver el podeer de Dios en sus vidas!!! Agradecemos al oportunidad que Dios le dio a Paola con esta experiencia! Felicitamos a las chicas de Chico y las animamos a seguir adelante!!!!