Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 2011 Staff Spotlight

Rachel, Jenna, & Robin

Well it’s been almost a year since Dan and I sold our house, packed up the boys and moved across the country. After CDTS we were looking into language school to learn Spanish before moving to a YWAM base in Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico. Then we thought maybe we’d just be here in Chico for a year first. It’s interesting how God shows us just one step at a time and gently guides us to where He wants us. He’s closed the door on Creel for now so we feel free to let our roots here in Chico go deeper. We’ve painted the kitchen...we’re committed!

I tend to be a task oriented person and always look forward to the next chapter of life: like graduating, getting married and having babies. Now we are in a place where God directs the timing of our next chapter. As I reflect on what God’s been teaching me this past year about identity and relationships, I’d like to share a challenge. Be in the moment. Sure planning ahead is required for programs to run smoothly but...get to know each other...build up your spouses...savor your children...pour into each student...bless each conference...share your story...slow down and soak in His presence. I love living here in community and wait with eager anticipation to see what this chapter will bring!

- Robin Oosterhouse

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