Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the MIRACLE of life

Baby Joshua (see Jennifer's story)
Jennifer Combs completed her DTS here at YWAM Chico a few years ago. She has recently completed the Birth Attendant School at YWAM Perth, Australia.  As you read the story below, let it encourage you that God is not only using us to touch the lives of our students, but He is at work to reach countless others through them as well!  Let’s continue to pray to see His kingdom come and His will be done – both locally and worldwide!!!

“We were in Tanzania, Africa working in a government run hospital.  I was assigned to the delivery room on this day.  I saw that two nursing students were standing at the end of a bed and whispering.  As I began to care for the mother, I noticed the students were very afraid.  They told me that the mother was HIV positive and they did not want to touch her.  The mom’s vitals began to show signs of danger as did the baby’s. When I started to ask her questions I found that she had been to the witch doctor and had taken a local herb that is thought to help speed up labor; this often causes risk to both mother and baby.  The nurses both declared that the baby would die and walked away.  My partner and I began praying life over baby and mother, breaking off the curses.  The baby came and had no heartbeat and no breath: dead.  We kept praying and resuscitating, refusing to give up on life and knowing that God had plans for this little baby boy!  After five minutes he gasped and began crying.  It was a beautiful scream of life!  The mother was so grateful that she asked me to name him.  After praying, I felt the Lord’s name for him was Joshua, which means “Jehovah is salvation!”  I left that day with mom and baby both doing great!”

- Jennifer Combs

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