Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 2012 Staff Spotlight

Brittaney Chellsen

"You can trust me”.   This has been  something that God has continually reminded me of since being in DTS - especially when it has come to finances.  Every time I am in need or any time He has challenged me to give, He has always whispered to my heart, “You can trust me.”   

b Recently, I was shopping at a store and I noticed they had cute, colorful socks.  Random fact about me - I LOVE colorful socks.  They make me happy!  :)   When I checked the price tag and read $0.94, I thought, “Yes! I will buy myself a pair!”  However, when I picked up the pair of socks, I felt a gentle “nudging” NOT to buy the socks.   

g  Thus began my argument with God.  (Note - I do not suggest arguing with God; it’s sort of pointless).  “But they’re only ninety-four cents!” I thought.  “You can trust me.”  He replied.  “But God, they’re ninety-four cents.” I responded. “You can trust me.” He said again.  And so I left the store empty-handed and sockless.   

o That very same night, God challenged me to give. I asked God for an amount and wrote it down on the check.  Later, when I checked my bank account, I realized that the amount God told me to give was near the same I had in my account.  “God, thanks for not letting me get those socks,” I said, as the day’s events began to make sense.  

s About a week later, a couple friends of mine gave me a gift card - to the very same store with the colorful socks!   

i So what  did I learn?  I learned  that  God  cares   even about your wants, and desires to give you those wants.   And something as seemingly miniscule and  unimportant as socks - He cares about those too.  I’d say He makes a pretty great Dad.    :)

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