Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Digging in to God's Word

Hello from Josh & Rachel Beaver!

We are full time staff with YWAM Chico, and are currently on ministry leave so that I (Rachel) can participate in the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) with YWAM Strategic Frontiers in Colorado Springs. SBS is an amazing and life-transforming, nine month intensive school that teaches students how to go through the Bible inductively and how to teach it to others. The inductive method is just a type of Bible study that teaches a person how to get up close and personal to the Word of God so that they can know it on a deeper level for themselves, and be able to use this method for the rest of their lives if they so desire. 

I've enjoyed being able to learn more about this study method and how to teach the Bible in different ways than what I was used to. So far, the school (which has eleven students) has gone through the entire New Testament, except for Matthew, and from Genesis through 2nd Samuel, as well as the Psalms. For the upcoming, final quarter we will be going through the rest of the Old Testament and ending with Matthew in the New Testament.

This school has been an amazing & hard, but so worth it! The main goal of any inductive study is application to our own lives.  Honestly, to see transformation in my life has been such a blessing & has helped me persevere through the harder times (as well as the great and understanding staff). 

Shortly after arriving in Colorado for the SBS, I was elated to discover that I am pregnant!  This also presented new challenges, however.  Many days, being pregnant has been hard enough, and the fact that I’ve been able to accomplish the work load of this school has definitely been because of the grace of God and of my school staff. 

Josh has been working in construction with his step-father, to help out with my schooling fees.  When work permits, he is blessed to be able to sit in on classes with me (though it is very rare).  Living off the base is a huge transition for us, and I try to involve him as much as I can by having him read with me during my out loud reading of whichever book of the Bible I am going through. He has been a huge support when times get frustrating, and we've both learned to lean on the LORD, as well as to support each other a lot more during this season.  This is a season of treasure and perseverance for both of us.  It has been good, despite the difficulties we’ve encountered along the way. God’s grace is sufficient and His promises are sure; there are so many treasures to be found in the study of His Word! We are truly blessed to be where we are and to learn these lessons together.

Love & blessings!
The Beavers  

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