Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome, New Staff!

In August, we were joined by 4 new staff members!  Here's a little bit about them:

Makayla Gaylord 
Makayla did her DTS here at YWAM Chico in 2010, and recently served with us as staff for our 24Seven summer program.  We are excited to welcome her to our staff family this Fall, as she joins us "short-term" to work with our Fall 2012 DTS.   

My vision in being here is simply to pour into people's lives in a community level... I really want to make a difference in someone's life, and I find that I can do that here because discipleship is such a key in everything we do. On a personal level, I really want to grow my marriage with God. That is my main focus right now: my relationship with Him; finding more of that intimacy. I am just coming out of working with the 24Seven summer program, and I was amazed at how God used me in those girls' lives. I really felt like I met God in a new way by the way He equipped me beyond what I expected - so that His beloved daughters could get the most out of the program. They were searching for Him, and the way that God met with them in their lives, and partnered with them to touch other people too was awesome. I want to continue to experience this side of God and see how incredibly He works in the lives of this upcoming DTS and our staff. I'm excited to see what He does!

John & Julie Clark
John & Julie did their Crossroads DTS here at YWAM Chico in 2006.  They and their son, Cole, recently felt God leading them to join our staff family for a couple of years, and are jumping right into the swing of things as staff for our Fall CDTS.  We are blessed by their desire to join us in this new season of ministry.  

Our family has been serving in Mali, West Africa since 2001. In 2006, God called us to Chico for a CDTS, and we returned to Mali in 2007 with YWAM. In March of this year, Mali collapsed under a military coup and we were forced to leave unexpectedly and return to Southern California.

In July, the Lord led us to
Chico for a few weeks of sabbatical and seeking His will for the next steps in out lives. During this time, we were quite surprised when Dale asked us to consider staying and staffing Crossroads. We immediately dismissed the idea, but God asked us to think more about it. We didn't understand why He wanted us to cut short our time of rest and sabbatical by asking us to stay and work in Chico. We were frustrated by this. Then God responded by saying, "You came here to seek Me. Well, you found Me. Now I'm asking you to move in with Me.". This was an offer we couldn't refuse.

We feel the Lord is moving us into a new season focused on mentoring and discipleship. We hope to use our experiences in overseas missions to help raise up others in DTS/CDTS schools. We're also looking forward to using other skills and talents in other departments around the base. We're excited about living on base and being a part of the close knit community of YWAM Chico.

James Legge
James completed his DTS here at YWAM Chico earlier this year, and has been serving with us during the summer as a Mission Builder (a short-term volunteer).  We are glad to welcome him to our staff family.  ** click here to learn more about Mission-Building **

Hello my name is James Legge. I did my DTS last year here in Chico. I want to see God grow me in my relationships with other people, and use me in whatever way He chooses. My goal is to be open to listen to Him. I can't wait to see how God is going to use me in this season!

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