Tuesday, October 23, 2012

God Is In the Details

Sam Miller served on staff here at YWAM Chico from 2009-2011, when he moved into town and started working and saving up for a very special event - his wedding!  In 2010, Jenna Bryson came to YWAM Chico with a few friends to volunteer as a Mission Builder for the summer, and worked with Sam in our "grounds department".  A year later, she had come back and done a DTS, stayed on as staff, and was engaged to Sam.  Earlier this month, they were married here on the base, and she moved into town with him.  We still get to see Jenna pretty often right now, because she is volunteering with us a few days a week until she finds a job in town.  The following is a short testimony from Jenna about what God has done in her heart during her time at YWAM Chico.

I think the biggest thing God taught me in my season at YWAM Chico was just how faithful He really is! It’s mind-blowing! I learned that from the big things to the every-day little things, if it matters to you it matters to Him. During my time serving at YWAM Chico, God was truly building a history of faithfulness with me. I felt as if He was literally holding my hand and guiding me, telling me everything was gonna work out. He brought people into my life that I needed to surround me and give me counsel. 

Sam and I are in a time of huge change and transition, I know that God will continue to be faithful. I know that He is still holding my hand and guiding me. I am so blessed to be part of the YWAM Chico family and know such loving people who pray for us and support us! As Sam and I continue transitioning as newlyweds and moving into town, we would love your prayers for us for financial provision and for grace and easy adjustments. We love you guys and hope that we can continue to build relationship with all of you! God Bless!

~ Jenna Miller

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