Friday, November 2, 2012

Intentional Faith: a testimony from Jeremy


Jeremy & Amy Schuff and their family were staff here in Chico for a number of years before God called them to start a YWAM base in Sacramento.  Naturally, we stay in touch with them and partner with them through prayer, and sending outreach teams too - for example, this year's 24Seven teen program spent a week at YWAM Sac on outreach.  So... here's a testimony from Jeremy about what has been happening there this year:

As 2012 begins to wind down, we’re amazed to look back at what God has done through the YWAM ministry in Sacramento!  We have welcomed 7 teams so far that partnered with us in reaching out to Sacramento, totaling 133 people.  During our times of multi-cultural  & inner-city outreach with these teams, we were blessed  to do five different VBS (Vacation Bible School) programs, feed approximately 600 people on the streets, and also share the Gospel of life and our personal testimonies countless times.  The Fuzion Pacific Islander youth group went on multiple outreaches to a Native American reservation in Nevada.  Doors that are normally closed to white faces were opened by God to receive the message of hope being shared by these young Islander believers.  Twice, we journeyed to Mexico to build 2 homes for families in need, love on children in the streets, and share the Gospel through drama, testimonies and music ministry!

Knowing that a picture is worth 1,000 words… I've included quite a few here, and I’ll let them speak for themselves!

This year, our focus at YWAM Sacramento has been to be intentional believers in our city, and to call the church to be intentional in their faith!  As followers of the One True God, we are called to be intentional in our living.  We are called to reach out on purpose, in everyday life, not just during quote-unquote outreaches and ministry times.  We are not called to depend on lifestyle evangelism and expect opportunities to love on others and share the Gospel to just simply present themselves to us.  God has asked us to be active in pursuing those without the Truth.  I think it is best put by these song lyrics – “Can you hear your Savior’s cry for the ones without the truth...They don't need some steeple sign but the love of Christ in let it out!”

As missionaries, carriers of the Gospel, we know that we cannot hide within our churches and ministries, expecting the Holy Spirit to bring the lost to us.  We are called to “go and make disciples”, and sometimes that go is as simple as intentionally walking across the cafeteria or the classroom.  It can be broken down as...

IN -- get into the heart of God
TENSION -- feel the tension in people
ALL -- recognize that we are called to all people, not just the easy to reach

I believe that Jesus looked at Zacchaeus and saw an opportunity to be intentional and reach out to a hurting soul.  Who is your Zacchaeus?  Who is desperate for you to notice them, and their situation, and call out to them with a loving heart and caring hands?  Look around, your Zacchaeus may be waiting just out of your normal line-of-sight… out of your comfort zone... a little hard to get to, but SO worth the effort when all of heaven rejoices as another name is added to the Book of Life!  

~ Jeremy Schuff, YWAM Sacramento

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