Monday, November 26, 2012

Mexico House-Build Outreach, DAY 1

Hello from Mexico!

Our outreach team safely arrived in Vicente Guerrero Sunday evening, and jumped right into the house-build today (Monday, November 26th).  The weather was beautiful, and we were able to get a lot done.  Tonight is a "free night", and the next few nights we'll be doing outreaches and participating in church services around the area once we have finished building for the day.  

As we were setting up and getting started this morning, we brought out the box of nails we'd used in fundraising (1,800 nails each "sold" for $1 to fund the $1,800 needed when we started raising money for this project). When the job supervisor saw the size of nails we brought, he informed us that they were running short on that size, so not only was it a wonderful fundraiser idea - it was also God's provision for the literal nails needed to build this house!  The photo above is Asher showing Carlos (the man we're building a house for) one of those nails.  God is definitely in the details of this week's outreach, and we are excited to see what other ways He moves in and through us here in Mexico!

Here are some photos of the house in progress:

Day One: arriving on the site & getting set up to work

Caleb O. learning to use the saw

Laying out the frame and putting it together.

Wall in progress
Adding siding
Moving one of the walls so it could be painted
Painting the walls
The end of Day One... we built all the walls and painted several of them.

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