Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mexico House-Build Outreach, DAY 2

Hello again from Mexico!  Today, we raised the walls of the house, finished priming & painting them, and put up the roof trusses... all by 3:30pm!  Then we headed back to IDT (the ministry we are partnering with to build the house) to eat an early dinner before heading out to participate in a church service in a neighboring community.  

The church, whose name (translated) is "House of Prayer" is in a community that doesn't have electricity, so the lights and sound equipment run on a generator.  Tonight, there was also a guest worship team who brought their own instruments and sound equipment (mostly local youth whose families are from the USA).  Needless to say, it was a very special occasion for the church family and the youth worship team, and it was also a privilege for us to be there.  Our group did a small drama/skit, and shared a message about how important each one of us is to God, offered prayer to anyone who had needs, and then handed out "dispensas" (food bags with rice, beans, flour, and oil) to each family.

We'll post more photos and another update soon...   stay tuned!

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