Friday, December 7, 2012

Mexico House-Build Outreach, DAYS 3 & 4

Unfortunately, the internet wasn't so cooperative, so we weren't able to post daily updates the last two days of our outreach, but some great things happened in those days!  Those couple days flew by like a breeze for our outreach team... the house came together beautifully and we had a time of prayer and blessing as we presented the key to Carlos (the man we built the house for), we participated in a church service in a nearby community and handed out food bags to each family who was there, we laughed, we played with kids who lived near the build site, we "ate dust" (it was SO windy and dusty on the job site!), and we shared the gospel.  

Asher shared the following testimony with our team on Wednesday evening.  It's too good to keep to ourselves!  After all, this is exactly why we do outreach - to share the good news of God's love and introduce others to Him.  We praise God for calling us to travel into Mexico and be part of Alvaro's salvation story :)  Note:  The pastor that Asher mentions came to the job site the next day, and Asher and Julie took him to meet Angelica and Alvaro.

Yesterday Angelica came to our build site looking for help...she wanted a house build for her. I told her there was a whole list of people waiting for houses. She asked me to come and look at her present living condition - a few team members joined me. We found out that she is married and has three children under seven years old and that her husband is only able to get work a few days per week. I said we would pray with them regarding a house and more work for her husband. I then asked her about her relationship with the Lord; she assured me that she has a personal relationship with Christ. 

We arrived at Angelica's home...a 12' x 12' space with a mattress on the ground, a few boxes of clothes in a corner, a broken down table on which rested a barely usable camp stove and a few pots and pans. Her husband was on the floor playing with their three children. We talked for a while and then I asked him about his relationship with the Lord. He didn't seem to know much. I explained the way of salvation to him. I told him about eternity with God. He readily accepted to pray with me to receive Christ. Angelica was beaming. She didn't say so, but her husband's salvation seemed to have been an answer to her prayers. (I made contact with the pastor for whom we built a church two weeks ago. He is going to invite Angelica and Alvaro to come and worship with his congregation.)

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