Monday, January 7, 2013

December 2012 Staff Spotlight

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.” 
John 15:9 

Beyond words. 

Light on my shoulders, sunshine kissing my skin. A field of flowers to dance in. 
A tender touch. Lovingly gazing into His eyes. And He into mine. 
Joy. Fullness of Joy.
Beautiful melodies floating in the air. 
And no words.

Words would ruin this place. This place of me and Him. This place called depth. Called Love. 

So it is beyond them. 
I find myself being in this place. A lot. 
No words, well that may not sound good for the onlooker but it is. So good.
Just depth.
Connecting on a deeper level than words.

Oh He does talk. But that is Him. My words are the ones that fall short. Because He can talk without using words.

I cannot describe what God is doing in me. But I do know it is good. And deep. And it changes everything. And there is beauty and pain and Joy and Love.
He gives me Hope.
He makes it worth it all.

 Loving, worshipping a God who takes you to this place because He cares so much about you, because He loved you is so easy.
And He is good. He calls me to remain in His love, to receive His Joy, to gaze into His eyes. And to let the overflow spill out so He can pour in more.
Well I am in. That sounds so good to me.
Words fall short where Love wins.
Love wins!

~ Sarah Bocht

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