Monday, January 7, 2013

January 2013 Staff Spotlight

Just Me ‘n God 

For most of my life, God has been a stranger to me.  I knew He was up there, but thought He was much too busy to be concerned about, let alone talk to, me!  The following is an excerpt from our now-ongoing conversation:

“Seriously, God?” I demanded.  “All this terror and devastation!  Why are You letting this happen?  Can’t you heal the sick and raise the dead?  Just make it all stop - - why don’t You?” I said.

“Because, Precious one,” He sighed, “I need your help… one of My prophets once wrote, ‘what the world needs now, is love…’ I ask you, My child, could it BE any clearer?  Just put down your hate, your lust what it will negate, your stains, your pains, and your chains.  Pay it forward… love others first… walk with them, and help quench their thirst.  Lift up your arms, tilt back your head, breathe in deep, and soak Me up!  Then reach out your hand to fill your brother’s cup.  It’s  not really NOT that complicated!  And it’s very contagious.  So please, pass it on,” He said.  

“Oh God, thank You… I will,” I promised.

~ Marci McCloskey

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