Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hey Lets Put 41 People In One House, It’ll Be Great

by Kyla Bender

I live with 41 people.

Now pause for a few moments and just let that sink in.

A little more time for you to think about that…

In case you forgot, the number is 41. 

Three toddlers. A kindergartner. Three elementary kids. A few middle schoolers. A handful of high schoolers. 9 people my age. Three sets of parents. A single mom. A young couple. Three middle agers. Five grandmothers. A staff member. Others I’ve forgotten, sorry guys.

It’s crazy.

But right now, it’s completely silent in here. We have people in town, people at the pool, people being crafty, people whose car broke down in Redding and are stuck an hour and a half away. 
They’ll be fine, calm yourself!
I think that this is the first time it has been silent in here. 
It’s nice.
But that is not the point. The point is that it’s normally loud and active and crazy and there is always ALWAYS some type of music playing, be it by computer, mouth, or the ridiculously out of tune piano that sits in our living room.
*Note – why in the actual heck do people still continuously think that it is a good idea to put pianos in places in which little kids roam? At my church we have a piano in the lobby and kids would always bang on the thing. I’m pretty sure it’s been a few months that we’ve had a sign on it that says “closed for repairs”. AIN’T NOBODY GONNA BE REPAIRING THAT PIANO. It’s probably not even broken. Am I right about this or…?
*Note about the note – It’s great when kids learn to be musical and expressive and artsy, it really is. All I’m saying is, time and a place, ya little snots.
*Note about the note about the note – I really do love kids, I promise.
Where in the heck am I going with this?
Oh yeah, living with 41 people. It sounds overwhelming, and sometimes, it is. That is why I give you…
1. You can almost always catch someone doing something embarrassing. Things I’ve learned – people really do pick their nose, you guys. No matter how sly you think you are, I will find you, and I will catch you. And giggle about it to myself; I won’t blow your cover.
2. Sometimes people make snacks/meals and they want to share with you. Ana from Costa Rica made a delicious soup today and shared it with us. Free food always and forever.
3. Someone is always willing to play a board game. I love board games.
4. There will always be someone more annoyed than you so they will tell the person to shut up so you don’t have to. Ha!
5. Wanna learn a new language? There are at least 5 different languages that are mastered in the house. English, Spanish, Norwegian, Malaysian, Korean…
6. Along with that, you get to learn about new cultures or weird things that other people like. Example: my friend Britta has introduced me to her favorite time of music: Electro swing pop. That’s a real thing that is really in existence y’all. And it’s like… enjoyable. WHAT.
7. Everyday, someone will want to work out and invite you to go with them. (This is more for people who are into that sort of thing. No thank you.)
8. Almost always, someone smells worse than you do.
9. Toddler fix everyday. I’ve been playing my share of cars with youngens. If you don’t love playing cars with kids, you’re lying.
10. You can tell the same story over and over because chances are, it’s a different person you’re sitting with than before. This is big for me, I tell the same stories all the time, always.
11. You learn the importance of alone / quiet time. You leave the house and go sit in the middle of the rattlesnakes and bears and mountain lion and hear nothing but the sound of the river and the wind. It’s awesome.
12. What are you looking for? SOMEONE HAS THAT.

There you have it. 12 reasons living with 41 other people rocks.
Here’s to learning new things, experiencing different cultures right at home, and learning how to restrain yourself from slapping the crap out of people.

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