Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meanwhile in Mexico: An Update from our Home Builders

By Asher Motola

VICENTE GUERRERO, MX: Sometimes, it seems like, "One more trip," and yet it's not, just one more tip. Each one is so different and so unique. Each one has its own flavor, its own dynamics, its own adventures and its own miracles.

This particular group of 36 came from Oregon. Some had been there before and some were first-timers. Many were members of a youth group, all were eager to learn, to grow, to give to bless. We were there to build two houses and one church - an ambitious undertaking considering the makeup of the team. But doable considering the One who sent us and would empower us.

First thing Monday morning as I was collecting passports for safekeeping, I discovered that mine was missing. I eliminated theft as a possibility and after searching through my stuff several times I began to second guess myself - maybe I forgot to pack it?? I worked myself up into an adrenaline panic and realized that I would not be able to serve the team in my current state of mind. I prayed with one of the team members. Five minutes later I needed something from my three-ring binder. When I pulled it out of my back-pack, the passport fell out of it. I had, in the previous hour, obsessively, carefully, searched my back-pack and the three-ring binder in particular, at least four times!!!

Each of the three building groups worked well together and tackled some challenging construction projects: the two houses needed to be joined to existing structures—never an easy task. The youth group was going to build the church. Not a particularly difficult task—there  was no nave, no narthex or chancel, no stained glass windows—but  some of the kids had never before used a hammer or climbed a ladder! Still, by Thursday it was all accomplished. Everyone, on every team rose to the occasion and did what needed to be done to complete their tasks; they built structures and relationships.

Tuesday night, we went to minister to a little community where the youth shared in song and performed some wordless skits that we were able to weave into a message. We also distributed bags of staple food items and hygiene kits. We had enough for every family that came to the church. Nothing was left over and no one went without.

On Thursday we dedicated the buildings. During the dedication of one of the houses someone on the team asked me to inquire of the father of the family if he had a relationship with the Lord. I asked the question, to which he responded that he believed in Jesus and sometimes went to church.  I asked him if he knew where he would go if he died. He answered that he had no idea because he has not been a good person. I shared a simple gospel message with him. And told him that Christ had died for those such as he. I asked him if he would like to pray to receive the Lord as his personal savior. Right there, with all of us and his family present, he prayed to receive Jesus. I presented him with a Bible that the whole group had signed. He took it, and with a new light in his eyes declared and repeated that this Bible was to be his and that he would read it.

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