Tuesday, September 17, 2013

University of the Nations Workshop in Tijuana

The question is not, “What do I think I can do if God helps me?” but, “What does God want done?” –Bruce Wilkinson

Five of our staff just returned from the University of the Nations workshop in Tijuana, MX. While there with 700 YWAMers from 50 nations, we were challenged to expand: both in our own intimacy with God, and in our impact as a ministry.
We have been sensing for years that God wants to multiply our ministries, in our numbers of staff and students, and also in our reach. In this workshop, we gleaned important principles of how to make that happen.
We were challenged in our faith, to truly believe that God can do the impossible through us. Looking back, we could see times that we were afraid to take the risks necessary to see God come through in spectacular ways. God wants us to believe Him for great things, and not just stick to what we know we can handle on our own.

The University of the Nations Workshop is a biennial meeting of leaders from Youth With A Mission worldwide who are involved in training. The workshop features Keynote speakers, worship and focused Bible study daily, as well as optional workshops that cover a wide range of topics, from effectiveness in outreach to new educational models to university logistics.

 In the coming days, I will post videos from the workshop.


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