Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Crossroads DTS Student

by Carol Miller

Today is Saturday. It’s a beautiful morning. The temperature has changed much in the last week or so. Mornings and evenings are quite chilly. It’s still good and hot for a few hours in the afternoon. This is northern California. The boys and I are enjoying the beauty of the canyon. We have taken several hikes on the trails here. A few days ago we went to the “hidden pools” which is where the water fall is. We also like to go to “mushroom rock” which looks like a mushroom. Charles loves to holler “hellllllooooo dooowwwnnnn theeerrree!!!” over and over again. J We like to see “our” sheep and goats from above too.Everyone here has a job duty. For some it’s breakfast prep and clean-up for others dinner, also grounds keeping, maintenance, maintaining our lodge (where about 36 people live) and more. I share the lodge duties with another lady and the boys and I also take care of the animals. I really like doing it. The rams have been pretty pushy the last several days as the ewes are going into heat so the boys don’t come in with me to feed. They don’t mind though as the family that lives next door has a trampoline and are they are friends from school. Henry and Charles are doing well in school. They are making friends and feeling very comfortable here with the environment as well as the people.This class is filled with great people. We are really getting to know each other. 

Our base hosted a week- long conference last week for a church called Bethel. They are affectionately known as the tribe of Bethelites. They came in 3 different groups. The first was about 350 people. The second, 300 and the third only 225 students. It was a time of shifting for everyone as this is a self-sufficient community so there were many more work duties for everyone to keep up with cleaning and cooking before and after each group. We were blessed with being invited to join Bethel's students for worship every night last week! It was a week of amazing worship and experiencing the Holy Spirit in a whole new and deep and incredible way! My mind has been opened to the Holy Spirit on a level I thought only possible for other people. Yes, the Holy Spirit blew my mind!!! 
Besides that, our class time has been great. Our speaker for the first week spoke on intimacy with God. I had thought I had a good relationship with God. He had us go to a quiet place and simply ask “Who are You?” when the class came back together some shared the answers they had gotten. The first answer I got was, Jesus, lover of my soul, also wants to be my daddy, adorer of me and wants to be adored by me, cleanser, purifier, provider, gentle breeze, guide, forgiver… some answers I want to keep all to myself for now. He spoke more on God’s desire to be known by me. Honestly, a lot of “stuff” I know/knew in my head and just couldn’t get into my heart. It was very piercing in a good way. I filled a half a notebook of notes from the speaker and things I heard God saying to me during that first week.

Carol is a student in the Fall 2013 Crossroads DTS. She is here with her two boys, ages 5 & 7. The CDTS is currently in their lecture phase and is looking forward to their outreach to Brazil, beginning the weekend before Thanksgiving.

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