Monday, November 4, 2013

Being the Light in the Darkness- Getting downtown for Halloween in Chico

by Joel Weaver
Photo from the Chico Enterprise Record

On Halloween weekend, we were we doing a lot of prayer walking down by all the frat houses near 5th and Ivy. We don't normally do a lot of ministry there but I really felt like God was saying to expand our territory.
These few blocks disguise themselves for the weekend, mostly with a lot of half naked, drunk people. There’s a heavy atmosphere with lots of parties. One frat house has a big orange sign out front, listing the party time and cover charge. People are playing beer pong out front.
We pray for a homeless guy that I've been talking to and ministering to for a while, maybe five or six months. Steve has scars and bruises on face, maybe from fights or maybe from falling over drunk. He has been trying to get free from alcohol. He is getting ready to go to sleep when we find him, and we encourage him that we are with him in his fight against alcohol. We pray for grace to overcome it. He is touched by God and is in tears.
Savanna got a word of knowledge for someone who has a headache. Somewhere near Coldstone, people are sitting by the buildings. Carol brought dog food, so she gives it to them for their dog. Savanna asks about the headache, and the homeless girl responds, so Savanna prays for her head. The pain begins to leave. The girl starts laughing as Savanna prays. We can feel the joy of the Lord in this place.
I have a word of knowledge for this drug dealer that tries to sell us pot. I feel like he has pain in the middle of his back and he does. I ask if he wants a “taste and see” pill. He says, “Yeah what's that?” I say, “Taste and see that God is good and wants to heal your back,” but then he took off. Before he starts to walk away I begin to pray and release healing in his back.

The first two nights of downtown ministry this quarter, we saw miracles, and it really built the faith of those involved in the ministry. We are being faithful to go out every week, and have had other times when nothing happens, but it's still impacting the Kingdom of God. Students are taking more risks, getting to know people, building relationships, and practicing friendship evangelism.

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