Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November Night of Missions: Urban Focus & Praying for our Outreach Teams

by Michelle Findley

Tuesday night, Jeremy Schuff (from YWAM Sacramento), shared his thoughts on Urban Missions. It was a special Night of Missions and we welcomed people from local churches to join us.

Two things Jeremy said stuck with me. He said that the needs in a city are not as evident as one might see in a third-world country. One has to look at things that are not so obvious. For instance, the YWAM base in San Francisco is surrounded by children, yet, you don't see the kids because they are kept indoors, with the area being so dangerous. Once they found out how many kids there were they began a kids' ministry. We have to pray and ask God what the needs are in our city that we don't obviously see and He will reveal it to us. So, it's different in an urban area.
Jeremy and his staff also disciple three or four people in Sacramento and encourage those three or four to disciple one person themselves.
These are tips that enable me to reach out to people in my own community here in Chico and I am sure can be applied to wherever you are.
The other thing Jeremy said was that you can't love the "call" or the "ministry", you've got to love PEOPLE. I am really burdened at times with things I have to do and taking time to relate with someone is the priority, too. I want to share testimonies here on the page of encounters with strangers that brought God into their lives in a known or unknown way. I want to hear your stories, too, if you'd be so inclined to share. 

To start off the meeting we had dinner together followed by coffee and apple pie. Then, Jake shared a special testimony with everyone. Someone donated $12,000 to cover the remaining costs for those needing funds for outreach! Wow!! Go GOD!

We had a time of worship led by Brittaney (DTS staff), Jamie (from Indiana), Stian (from Norway), Tai and her two teenage boys (Phoenix), Savanna (USA) and David (Korea). They led a song in several languages and it was really great. (I heard all this from Jake because I was doing dinner clean-up.) If I left anyone out, let me know! 

The team going to Guatemala shared testimonies. There are 16 of them, including children. Two families are Canadian, one newly married couple is from Norway, others are from Indiana, Oroville, CA, and that's all I can think of right now. 

The team headed to Brazil also shared testimonies. One in particular, I want to share with you in another post. It was given by Michael Sweazy. More to share soon!

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