Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Breaking Ground on the Aquaponics site

by Craig Anderson
On January 5, Peter Konrad brought his tractor with add-ons to level out our Aquaponics site. Basically he drove the tractor all day while I picked up rocks. :) The site looks significantly better and we can hopefully start building soon.

Near the beginning of the day after a text message from Dan and Robin reminded me to take pictures...

Truck, trailer, golf cart, water cooler. All you really need.

Sight level. Didn't just want to eyeball it. 
Weeds are gone.
Kubota, gotta love ya, even if you are orange...
YWAM Chico Aquaponics area

The low point. 17 inches below the high point. Not so much any more! 
Re-graded the road
It's also re-graded when you go uphill

Gettin' the equipment out of the way so we can finish leveling off the site.
Almost done, we thought...

Closer to done.
Pretty much done, except for another hour or two of fine tuning.

 We are excited to see the progress of our aquaponics project. For more information, or to find out how you can get involved, email us here.

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