Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Getting the Stones out: preparing ourselves for fruitful ministry- YWAM Leaders Gathering in Tijuana

Michelle speaks to the YWAM leaders of North America. 

By Regan Penning
Last night, we were challenged from the get-go, even though we were exhausted from the 13 hour drive. Sean Lambert talked about checking those things that are keeping us from living like the old school YWAMers: living by faith, prayer, and obedience to God. Is it pride? Is it comfort? Is it apathy?
Sean talked about how these things were like stones, that made it impossible to plow the field of our ministry, to produce a fruitful harvest. 
Darlene reminded us again of the failure of the first ship, and what that meant to our mission: being publicly humiliated and reprimanded for putting a vessel of bringing the message ahead of the message itself. 
So the question then, is, what is my (our) ship? What is the vessel we are using to bring the message? And 1) ARE we actually bringing the msg through that vessel? 2) Has the vessel, acquiring the vessel, maintaining the vessel, become more important than the message itself?
I sat this morning on the patio of the Tijuana del Mar campus, with the wind whipping my hair into my face, seeking God to show me personally what these stones are in my life, in my ministry. Am I focusing more on WHAT I'm doing than why?
I encourage you, too to do the same. Jesus challenged us, nay, appointed us, to go and bear fruit, and to bear fruit that lasts, and that does not spoil. What are you holding onto that is keeping you from being fruitful in your life & ministry? I challenge you to spend some time with God,  and seek Him about this. May The Lord guide us all, and bless and multiply all that we do. 

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